Android Root Checker APK

RootChecker apk v6.4.5 Download

Root Checker is the best, fastest and the easiest software to check the rooting status of any rooted Android device. Android checker app accesses the android system and verifies whether the rooting is successful or not. Over 10 million Android devices running root checker APK and it is with the excellent customer satisfaction. It is a simple step to verify the device for root access, with checker app user interface.

Rooting an Android smartphone is now emerging as a new trend. Every android user tends to root their android mobile devices with any rooting software and customizes the device. But a doubt remains consistent whether the rooting is successful or not. Although at the end of the rooting process rooting software may display the rooting is successful. But we need to clarify this. So we need to download RootChecker apk to check whether rooting is successful.

RootChecker APK Change Log

  • Improved performances with fixed bugs
  • History of root result added
  • Cold Star Splash Screen
  • New languages

Checker app is free for download and test the device with a simple and reliable process for root access to clarify. SU binary, the most applicable binary for android root will be checked and be verified for the proper functioning as well as the standard location of the file using the apk rootchecker.

Download Root Checker Apk

  • RootChecker apk v 6.4.5 is the latest version released on November 15, 2018. It is just 9.4 MB file.

System Requirements for Android Root-Checker APK [checker]

  • Android OS version must be 2.3 or higher

How to Check Root Status with Root Checker

Su binary gains the super user access and administrative access for android smartphones with executing binary commands. Android Rootchecker monitors all these performances as the core task and verifies the root access is 100% functioning or not. It is very easy to install and check your device for root acess with android rootchecker app. Download Rootchecker app and verify your root status.

RootChecker Pro Download

RootChecker Pro version comes with the advanced features for troubleshooting and constant root access monitoring is enabled and you can monitor it form home screen widget. Pro version quickly function BusyBox installation status and applet support as well as you can share the results with your friends.

Credits for Android Root-Checker Download

Credits for Root checker download goes to joeykrim for developing and frequent update of the android app.